Engineers are the healers of Star Legends. If you enjoy playing support professions with plenty of crowd control and skills to assist yourself and teammates, this might be the class for you!


Engineers have access to the following skills:

Wither: 10 second duration Damage-Over-Time (DOT) skill.
Male engineer

Male Engineer

Leech: 6 second duration DOT + Self heal skill.

Empathy: Area of effect (AoE) heal that ticks three times.

Revive: AoE resurrection skill.

Force Shield: Shield that adds to your armor class until it breaks. It also adds a nice energy regen.

Suppression: AoE mezz effect skill. It will calm multiple targets depending on your rank in the skill.

Protection: Armor buff to all teammates in range.
Female engineer

Female Engineer

Transference: Nuke that damages the target and heals friendly party members close to the target.

Pain: 3 second stun + Knockdown + AoE nuke.

Sonic Boom: Nice AoE nuke, but long cool down.

Decay: Very powerful DOT every 2 seconds, as well as an armor debuff.