Accelerated Carbine BolterAccelerated InjectorsAccelerated Matrix Coil
Accelerated PhoenixAccelerated Pod CannonAn Exceptional Visor
Asteroid Mining Facility: Delta 7BBQ BrushBBQ Fork
BBQ TongsBaby QueenBack Armors
Best Antennae ever 2011Big Android BBQBig Love
Bioneural Flux CannonBioneural Napalm CarbineBioneural Phase Injectors
Bioneural Tempest CoilBlast ShieldBoots
BrunoBugsy CaponeChairman Meow
Chef HatChest ArmorsChrome Jetpack
Chrome Phoenix of Dark MatterClahtuuClass II Flextronic Boots (6)
Class I Flextronic Bracers (5)Class I Repeater (4)Classes
Classic Black SunglassesClassic Denim JacketClassic Gold Shirt
Classic JCN 9000 Helmet Mark IClassic JCN 9000 Helmet Mark VIIClassic Leather Jacket
Classic Pink SunglassesClassic Red ShirtComedy
CommandoCommando WeaponryCrafting
Crazy Cat Lady PackCultist's HoodCycorp Industries
Dark Chocolate ProtectorDevouring Flamethrower (16)Devouring Flamethrower (20)
Devouring Flamethrower (24)Devouring Flamethrower (40)Devouring Flamethrower (41)
Devouring HelmDirty Diaper Trash CanDouble Damage Weekend
Double Damage Weekend/Apr 2012Double Damage Weekend/Apr 2013Double Damage Weekend/Jul 2013
Double Damage Weekend/Mar 2014Double Damage Weekend/Oct 2013Double XP Weekend
Double XP Weekend/Apr 2012Double XP Weekend/Aug 2013Double XP Weekend/Jan 2013
Double XP Weekend/Jan 2014Double XP Weekend/Mar 2013Double XP Weekend/May 2012
Double XP Weekend/May 2013Double XP Weekend/Nov 2013Double XP Weekend/Sept 2012
Droid Chrome EventDynamic Carbine BolterDynamic Injectors
Dynamic Matrix CoilDynamic PhoenixDynamic Pod Cannon
Dynastar LabsDynastar Labs - Black Projects AreaDynastar Labs - Experimentation Wing
Dynastar Labs - LaboratoryDynastar Labs - Security WingDynastar Labs - Welcome Center
Elite JuicerEmergency Refit Homestead .22Engineer
Engineer WeaponryEventsExperimental Homestead .22
Experimental SlashersExterminator VisorFarming
Fiendish HornsFiendish PitchforkFlux Cannon of Dark Matter
Fused Chrome PhoenixFused Napalm CarbineFused Phase Injectors
Gas MaskGingerbread Man EmblemGreen Antennae
HOLO-WEEN EventHOLO-WEEN Event/2011HOLO-WEEN Event/2012
HOLO-WEEN Event/2013Heart GuardHeart Projection Visor
Hearts of HearingHelmetsHover Turkey
I'll Be Back ShadesIHelmetIcy Rabbit Ears
ImplantsInfested Deck EventInquisitor Grips of the Songpriest
Item DatabaseJack-Holo-LanternJalapeno
Juicer BruteKINETIC Gun MechKillah Kitty
Kitty KillahL35 Blade FinL35 Chain Saw Assault Rifle
L35 Electricity CannonL35 Handheld CrossbowL35 The Whistler
L35 Welding TorchesL40 Aan's EmbraceL40 Eye of Zure
L40 Runetech BootsL40 Runetech HelmetL40 Runetech Pack
L40 Runetech SleevesL40 Runetech VestL40 Tuturra's Wrath
Limited Class II Burnt-Out BracersLimited Class II Flextronic Bracers (6)Limited Class I Bedlam Grasps
Limited Class I Reaper PistolLittle LoveMad Doc McCreary
Magnetic Carbine BolterMagnetic InjectorsMagnetic Matrix Coil
Magnetic PhoenixMaintenanceMark I AMP Pistol (5)
Mark I ARC Cannon (5)Mark I Repeater (4)Mark VIII ARC Cannon
Mark VIII Heavy RepeaterMark of the WarfatherMechanical Man Helmet
Memorial Day WeekendMiner McGuirkMr.Buggles
Napalm Carbine of Dark MatterNapalm CarbinesNews
Nova BlastersOld Man WinterOperative
Operative WeaponryOrange AntennaeOrange Soldier
OvertimePhase Injectors of Dark MatterPlanet Numa Prime
Planet VoleriaPlease add all values for Class skills for each level from min to max.Polarized Carbine Bolter
Polarized InjectorsPolarized PhoenixPolarized Pod Cannon
Primed Chrome PhoenixPrimed Flux CannonPrimed Napalm Carbine
Primed Tempest CoilQuestR.I.P.
R.I.V.E.T. MKIIRed Sun Pirate ShipRed Sun Pirate Ship - Security Station
Red Winter CapRequested ArticlesRobes of Invisibility (Brown)
Rocketeer HelmRunetech SetSagging Diaper
Scorn BreatherSector MapSet
ShieldsSilver AntennaeSilver Jetpack
Slashers (Lab-restricted)SleevesSlouch-o Productions
Smooch-Me ProutSnapdragonSneezer's Hat
SnugglesSolar Matrix coilSolar Pod cannon
Special Type I Splat GunSquid Buddy!Star Legends Anniversary
Star Legends Basic GuideStar Legends WikiStar Legends Wiki:Administrators
Stellar InjectorsStellar PhoenixStellar Pod Cannon
Steve Jobs TributeStolen Carbine BolterStolen Injectors
Stolen Pod CannonStory LineStunt Harness
Subspace Carbine BolterSubspace InjectorsSubspace Matrix Coil
Tempest Coil of Dark MatterTemplatesTest Area
The Alpha BotThe Arbiter's Chestplate (Commando)The Arbiter's Chestplate (Engineer)
The Arbiter's Chestplate (Operative)The Arbiter's Helm (Commando)The Arbiter's Helm (Engineer)
The Arbiter's Helm (Operative)The Arbiter's Pack (Commando)The Arbiter's Pack (Engineer)
The Arbiter's Pack (Operative)The HiveThe Spring Festival
The Spring Festival/2012The Spring Festival/2013The Thinker
The Winter FestivalThe Winter Festival/SpoilerThinker's Staff
Thundering Pulse Accelerator Cannon (40)TragedyTrickster's Staff
UCS BlackstarUC ShipyardUSC Blackstar
Unclassified WeaponryUnlicensed XAR-55Uraz' Death Cowl (L50)
Uraz' Deathrobe Sleeves (50)Uraz' Deathwalk Boots (L50)Uraz' Riven Shroud (L50)
Uraz' Riven War-cape (L50)Uraz' Set (L50)Valentine Day
Vanity Back ArmorsVanity Chest ArmorsVanity Helmets
Vanity ItemsVanity PetsVanity Shields
Veteran RewardsVular SquishersWeapons
Whacked Out JuicerWhite Rabbit EarsX-Ray Visor
XAR-55 (*Bo McGraw Jr.)Yaniz VorrYellow Antennae
Zany GlassesZevon Yorr