New Big Luck and Little Luck Hats in Star Legends for a Limited Time!

St. Patrick's Day
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Star Legends with a Big Lucky Hat, available now through March 23 in the Store. While wearing the Big Luck 2014, you will have a good chance to re-roll for loot!

Until March 24th, if you wave to someone wearing Big Luck, you will receive a Little Lucky Hat! Little Lucky Hats will be removed on March 24th. If you want to keep a lucky hat, be sure to buy Big Luck 2014 from the Store!

Veteran Rewards added to Star Legends!!

Veteran Rewards

Earlier this week, we thanked you with party hats, and now we'd like to offer something more special!

For our users who've had a Spacetime Account for:

One Month...............You get the Veteran Chestplate!

Two Months...............You get the Veteran Chestplate and Arm Braces!

Three Months...............You get the Veteran Chestplate, Arm Braces, and Boots!

Six Months...............You get the Veteran Chestplate, Arm Braces, Boots, and Helm!

Twelve Months...............You get the complete Veteran Pack, which includes Chestplate, Arm Braces, Boots, Helm, and BACKPACK!

Sci-Fi Pack

Sci-Fi Pack
The Sci Fi Item Pack is now available for sale in the store. There are 3 new vanities and a new weapon.

Limited Edition Hero Packs Available Now!!

Limited Edition Hero Pack vanity items have been added to The Star Legends Store. These items are only available for a limited time and will never be sold again! Collect them all before they are gone.

There are 4 off hand vanities and 2 helm vanities you can collect:

  • Prototype X-1 Metal Helm.
  • Furious Eye Patch.
  • Thunder Hammer.
  • Agent's Bow.
  • Shield of Justice.
  • Trickster's Staff.

Scorn Act II News By Octavos

Scorn Act II is out a bit further.