• DragoonClaws

    How to farm Napalm

    January 16, 2014 by DragoonClaws

    Alright, since there's a lot of commotion around napalms and drop rates recently, I'll put out my method which has so far proven more than efficient. So listen up.

    -First of all, we need to take a look at the elixirs/enhancers we will be using because, let's face it, without them it's like trying to catch a cloud with your bare hands. Note that a 4x enhancer/elixir is NOT necessary for this, the 4x damage does speed things up though. So the options are: 1. 4x Enhancer(1 hour) for 75 platinum. 2. Miner's Luck(30 mins) & Speed Elixir(30 mins) for 25 platinum in total. You may want to use 5 more platinum to add a 2x damage elixir(30 minutes) for maximum efficiency.

    -Secondly, if you're serious about wanting to farm a napalm, don't expect to do…

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