Veteran Rewards!
Veteran Rewards

Earlier this week, we thanked you with party hats, and now we'd like to offer something more special!

For our users who've had a Spacetime Account for:

One Month...............You get the Veteran Chestplate!

Two Months..............You get the Veteran Chestplate and Arm Braces!

Three Months............You get the Veteran Chestplate, Arm Braces, and Boots!

Six Months..............You get the Veteran Chestplate, Arm Braces, Boots, and Helmet!

Twelve Months...........You get the complete Veteran Pack, which includes Chestplate, Arm Braces, Boots, Helm, and BACKPACK!

There are red and blue versions for Commandos and Operatives respectively. Screenshots above are of the green version for Engineers.

To check when your Spacetime Account was created, go in game to the Menu, then to the Spacetime Nexus and then to your Platinum Purchase History and the creation date of your account will be listed at the bottom.

These awesome vanities are just our way of saying thanks for playing with us. And just as a reminder: eligibility for these rewards is tracked on how long you've had a Spacetime account. So if you've been playing Pocket Legends, but only just now are getting into Star Legends, you'll still get the rewards!



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